Dublin ABC Meeting: Writing to prisoners

ABC-letter‘Dublin ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) are organising a letter-writing session for anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard on Saturday 9th May at 3pm in the Barricade Inn (squatted social centre, 77 Parnell St.).

There will be a (preferably vegan) pot-luck, and tea & coffee available on the day. Bring along whatever snacks or dishes you like! Come along and bring your friends.

Emma was recently sentenced to two years imprisonment in Bristol, UK for “Criminal damage recklessly endangering life”, for disabling 3 police cars using a homemade stinger device. More info available from Bristol ABC: https://bristolabc.wordpress.com/Support-Emma/

Letters from Emma herself since her incarceration:



Worried about what to write? Here’s some guidelines drawn up by other ABCs:

Leeds ABC: http://leedsabc.org/…/uploads/2012/09/writing-to-prisoners-…
New York ABC: https://nycabc.wordpress.com/write-a-letter/

See you there!’

Dublin ABC website: http://www.dublinabc.ana.rchi.st

Anarchist Black Cross is an organisation for the support and defence of anti-authoritarian social movements, political prisoners and prisoners of war, both locally and internationally.

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