Urgent Support For Mumia Abu-Jamal Update

abc4We have not seen or spoken to Mumia Abu-Jamal for a week. He is being held incommunicado in a hospital without access to visits of any kind or the phone. They won’t even confirm where he is being held.

This is deeply troubling.

On Tuesday May 12th in the evening Mumia was taken from the prison infirmary to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville PA. An infirmary nurse called his wife at 8:30 pm noting that he was transferred because he had a fever and blistering open sores. He was last visited on Saturday.

Since Tuesday Mumia Abu-Jamal has been isolated from his family, his lawyer, and his doctor. Wadiya Jamal, his wife, has been trying to get into the hospital.

The Legal and Medical Team have been working 24/7.
Bret Grote, Esq, (Abolitionist Law Center) and co counsel Bob Boyle are preparing an emergency court action to be filed in Federal Court. They have been calling the prison and the hospital demanding access. Bret Grote, notes

“The DOC is once again demonstrating its contempt for human rights and proper health care by holding Mumia Abu-Jamal incommunicado from his family and lawyers. Instead of recognizing the value of family support and legal consultation in protecting and improving his health, the DOC is treating Mumia like a piece of property that it can withhold access to and information about arbitrarily and with impunity. People around the world have been fighting like hell for Mumia for more than 33 years and we are all needed once more to push back against another attempt to silence him. Demand that Mumia be permitted visits and phone calls with his wife, family, and lawyers.”

Diagnostic Treatment demand letters have been sent to both the Department of Corrections and the Chief Medical Officer at Geisinger Hospital.

Call, write, fax continue to keep the pressure on demand freedom & medical care for Mumia:

1) Demand that he has access to his lawyer, his family, and his physician.
2) Demand that diagnostic testing be done. And that he be given medically indicated treatment immediately.
3) Demand that he be released from prison.

As one prison radio listener said to us in an email: “It maybe be easier to get Mumia released from prison than get him health care inside prison”. We agree that it is past time for Mumia Abu-Jamal to be released. He has served 33 years, (30 on death row). His conviction needs to be overturned, and he needs to be freed immediately.

Every Action Matters.
Letters, Faxes, Phone calls.

We are asking folks this week to call the hospital and the prison:
Geisinger Hospital : (00 1) 570 271-6211 (00 1) 570 271-7907 Dannville, PA
Superintendent John Kerestes : (00 1) 570 773-2158; press Zero, SCI Mahanoy, 301 Morea Road, Frackville, PA 17932

DOC Secretary John Wetzel : (00 1) 717 728-2573; ra-crpadocsecretary@pa.gov
PA Gov. Tom Wolf : (00 1) 717 787-2500; fax: (00 1) 717 772-8284; governor@pa.gov

Note: The hospital has Mumia on a “confidential” list so the operators will say they have no one named Mumia Abu-Jamal or Wesley Cook at the hospital. People should tell the operator that their call should be reported to the hospital administration and use both names.

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