Spanish State: National Court orders closure of Operation Pandora solidarity bank accounts

belfast jan16 pandora demo bannerBarcelona, Catalonia 01.06.15: Upon the request of the Information Brigade of the National Police the National Court has issued an order signed by judge Eloy Velasco that orders the closure of solidarity bank accounts that were opened for comrades who were arrested and detained during the Operation Pandora repressions. The judge has also ordered an investigation into the owners of the accounts as well as all transfers and transactions related to the accounts.

This is yet another escalation in the Spanish state’s war against dissent and the anarchist movement in particular. Not only is the state attempting to criminalize the anarchist movement it is also seeking to characterize it as a ‘terrorist’ movement and to label those who merely show basic solidarity as being ‘terrorist sympathizers.’

Strength and solidarity to the anarchists in Spain facing repression from the Spanish police state!

(via efecto pandora)

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