Chile: Communique from anarchist prisoner Nataly Casanova, on hunger strike since 14/04

chileToday, May 29, 46 days since the beginning of our hunger strike I would like to reaffirm it’s continuation in the face of the indifference shown so far from those who support power and it’s institutions. Today my body weight is 51.4kg, I have lost 9.4kg which is 15.4% less than my initial body weight of 60.8kg before we commenced the hunger strike and my overall health is continuing to deteriorate.

Our struggle has not been isolated, despite the daily harassment, persecution and even abductions that our families, our comrades and allied prisoners must contend with but still face in a dignified manner. This reality extends from the castigation in the prisons, from the torture and the years spent in isolation to try and break the will and the commitment of those who fight against domination and to instill fear in those who show solidarity with prisoners in struggle, they seek to isolate them from the global struggle against power.

But by breaking with the indifference of this world of death and misery, solidarity becomes another weapon in the struggle, every cry, gesture and action helps strengthen our convictions and feed our desires…giving us more strength to answer every blow – this is our response to their indifference, their persecution, their assaults and their isolation. We will neither surrender in our attitudes or retreat from our decisions, indifference in the face of reality is not an option for us.

We remain steadfast until our demands are met:

– Freedom for Enrique Guzmán Amadeo
– Scientific analysis and validation of the alleged DNA testing by our defense
– An end to the harassment in prison of Juan and me and of our families, relatives and friends on the street
– My transfer to a general population part of the prison and an end to my isolation and castigation.

A loving embrace to the compañerx Hans, Freddy, Juan, Marcelo, Alejandro, Alfredo, Carlos, Natalia, Tamara Sol and Javier who have supported us in this decision and whose actions gave us strength and support.

To our dear families who have not surrendered to threats and continue to be with us every day.

From the CPF San Miguel
Nataly Muñoz Casanova

(via instinto salvaje)

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