ab chicDuring the opening festivities for Chicago’s new “606 Trail,” a $95 million project mirroring New York’s extravagant High Line, some locals took advantage of the day’s events to make a statement about Marius Mason, a prisoner of the U.S.’s “Green Scare” – a mass roundup of environmental activists – and about June 11, the International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners.

Aside from the fact that this trail may assist in the further gentrification of the surrounding neighborhoods, it represents another instance of “greenwashing” – exaggerating certain aspects of the project in order to present it as environmentally responsible – which made its induction ceremony a great opportunity to send this message. The banner, which read “FREE MARIUS – ABOLISH PRISONS – JUNE11.ORG” was suspended from the elevated trail over Humboldt Boulevard.

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