Chile: Update on the hunger strike of anarchist prisoners Nataly, Juan & Guillermo

VictoryAnarchistHungerStrikersThe hunger strike of the anarchist prisoners Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran who are held hostage by the Chilean state is in it’s 54th day at the time of this writing. Here is a brief update on the latest developments…

Nataly Casanova transferred out of isolation
During the last days of May, comrade Nataly Casanova was removed from the extreme isolation in which she was kept, being moved to the 2nd “public connotation” wing in the prison of San Miguel.

Comrade Tamara So was also held in that wing until she was transferred to the extermination center of San Joaquin a few days ago. Now, Nataly is in the same wing with comrade Natalia Collado (Tato).

We understand this move as part of the progress in the fight led by comrades on hunger striker and their family and comrades from outside prison. It is a victory concerning the requests demanded from inside prison and a motivation to understand that by opening paths with struggle, the prison administration is forced to back away from the impunity that characterizes them.

Eternal affection in revolt to Nataly and the new paths that are open to share with more prisoners.

A victory for the comrades on hunger strike !

Anarchist insurgent Solidarity with fighters in prison!

(Via Inter Arma,Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras)


In the other major development the anarchist comrade Enrique Guzmán has been released from house arrest. The release of Enrique from house arrest has been one of the major demands of Nataly, Juan & Guillermo since they began their  hunger strike on April 14th. The demand for Nataly to be released from isolation has also been met as stated above, this means that the following demands still need to be immediately fulfilled:

–  Proper scientific analysis and validation of the alleged DNA evidence that is being used against the    comrades

– An end to the harassment in prison of Nataly and Juan and an end to harassment of Nataly, Juan &     Guillermo’s relatives and friends on the outside.

Solidarity and complicity with Nataly, Juan & Guillermo and all anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners held hostage by the Chilean state! 

Immediate satisfaction of the demands of the hunger strikers! 

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