The Madrid Five. Operación Piñata

pinataUpdate: 18/06/15

On March 31st , during the second part of Operación Pandora, under the new name of Operación Piñata, there were many arrests in various Spanish cities: 9 in Madrid, 3 in Barcelona and 2 in Palencia. 14 others were arrested for resistance to authority. They were all released, except five who were accused of terrorism, sabotage and the placing incendiary devices as part of the Coordinated Anarchist Groups (GAC). They were put in preventive custody for two months, dispersed and then the Madrid Five, Paul Jara Zevallos, Javier Grijalbo Adán, Javier Garcia Castro, Jorge Linares Izquierdo and Enrique Balaguer Perez were released during the first week of June after being charged.

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