End Internment by Remand!

On Saturday 19th December me12366351_1276791379013339_3396136963577472151_nmbers of the Dublin Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) attended a vigil outside the GPO (General Post Office) in Dublin to highlight the continued use of internment by remand against Republicans prisoners throughout Ireland. The viral was called by the Anti-Internment Committee. They called on all Republican groups, prisoner support groups, community groups, trade unions, and civil rights groups to attend the vigil.

The vigil was well attended by members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, 1916 Societies, Republican Network for Unity, Cogus, Dublin says No, and independent activists. All these groups came together to highlight the continued lack of human rights by the Irish state and the British state against Republican activists. Many passersby stopped to have a look at the vigil and some came over to ask questions about what was going on.

For further information on internment in Ireland see :



Or contact the Irish Anti-Internment Committee:


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