Support Anti-fascist prisoners

abc4Recently the anti-fascist movement in the UK had been experiencing increased levels of repression by the state. Being successful on the streets against the far-right and racists has its price.

One of our comrades is currently in prison and there are people on bail for different actions such as protests in Dover etc. and they are potentially facing imprisonment as well. It is extremely important that those arrested and behind bars are fully supported and their needs taken care of.

We need to support both them and their families and loved ones in these difficult moments. We are collecting money to help all those affected by the repression. Please donate, even if it is just a small sum. Every little bit helps!

Please send paypal payments to (with a note “prisoner support”) Cheques can be sent to : Brighton ABC, PO BOX 74, Brighton BN1 4ZQ (add a note inside “antifascist support”)

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