Anarchist Prisoners on Hunger Strike


” Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul branch of the Yenişakran Prison in Izmir Aliaga anarchist prisoners who are on hunger strike for 37 days to Sevket Aslan made a press statement on the situation.

“Anarchist prisoners are not alone”

Aslan’s lawyer Jennifer Genericdeteriorating state of health, he said that his client would meet him at the first opportunity to go. Then Square newspaper employee coral nature,because the recognition and acceptance of the Lion’s political identity begins indefinite hunger strike demand, he said.Nature “of the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike 37.g. Medically it to return to a person’s body is in a long period of hunger strike will force health problems is certain, the health status of the lion, after today will enter a critical phase with each passing day, ” he said, and was found in addition responsible for what happened is the prison administration. Noting that the torture and mistreatment of prisoners after the State of Emergency on nature,”The prison administration does not recognize the lion’s indefinite-irreversible hunger strike, he does not respond to any petition that has given on the subject. This way it is being passed into law in solidarity with the lawyers of Aslan ” he said.”


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