Solidarity with anarchist prisoners!

nsozcnvuxzuIn Nizhniy Novgorod was the action of solidarity with the political anarchists

On October 30, human rights defenders and social activists, as well as anti-fascist anarchists and from the group of “autonomous resistance” held in memory of the victims of political repression, reminding the people of the city of that, to date, in Russia 111 political prisoners are in custody or house arrest; 26 people prosecuted for political reasons without detention; 363 persons recognized as prisoners or prosecuted for political reasons in the period from 2008 onwards.
At one of the central areas of the city was organized by the information about the cube case politzaklyuchennogo anarchist dmitry buchenkova, has also been stretched banners ” Freedom Dmitry Buchenkovu “, ” freedom politzaklyuchennym.” passing by the townspeople now inquired about the event, read the information about political prisoners.

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