Solidarity with Sergei

7_8In Crimea, the police broke into the apartment father anarchist Sergei Vasilchenko, then they took him away and arrested for 10 days.
3 November 2016 in simferopol in apartment father sergei about 12.00 came by unidentified police officers conducted an illegal search, all turned, put on Sergei Handcuffs and took him away. Police officers have explained their wrongful acts like this: ” he told me to come to the center of the er for my things, that all the charges against him dropped, you just have to sign the papers on receipt of seized he’s got things and claims that don’t have any and all, but that’s how He didn’t show up at the centre of the, uh, we’re his arrest. ”
For the information of the anarchist Alexis Shestakovicha, Mama Sergei Vasilchenko Him 3.10 at the time of entering the apartment Father Sergei Vasilchenko police threatened Father Sergei Gun, took my dad’s laptop, even some of the stuff, Sergei was taken. On November 4 in the morning with lesha shestakovich vasilchenko Nina Stepanovnoy (Mom of Sergei Vasilchenko) went to simferopol tspe, it turns out that sergei was taken to the court, yevpatoriyu was accused of spreading extremist materials, awarded the 10 days of the arrest.

In Court somehow became one of the selected by a police officer, Sergei Boytsovym Passports Sergei Vasilchenko, civilian passport of the Russian Federation.
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