Anarchist Lola Gutierrez deported from Greece and returned to Spain


Anarchist solidaritarian Lola Gutierrez returned to Spain following her deportation from Greece. Lola was arrested at the airport ”El. Venizelos” and taken to the immigrant detention center Elliniko on account of the help she provided a Kurdish citizen to get to Barcelona. The cops considered her dangerous for the public order and safety.

At the airport in Barcelona she was greeted by a crowd of comrades who chanted slogans of support and solidarity, as well as people who wanted to express their solidarity with Lola following a calling issued by the CGT.

The following is a message she sent during her detention in Elliniko:

”Thank you for the solidarity.

Solidarity is as important for me as it is for the other comrades in here, because there is no other source of information on what is going on outside.

The struggle to shut down detention centers and to open the borders is a starting point for the struggle against oppression.

Despite being subjected to the oppression of my imprisonment, at the same time this is an experience that helps me understand the oppression that other immigrant detainees endure. I saw the conditions inside the Elliniko immigrant detention center. There are terrible cases, women who are not well, women who suffer. There are many different examples, but all prisoners were aware that detention centers will remain prisons, no matter what they get renamed to, be it Hospitality Centers or anything really.


Lola Gutierrez

Immigrant Detention Center Elliniko.

Athens 7-12-2016


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