Free Joel!

15401003_585153131672013_91494544404629656_n.jpgThree years have passed since the Nazis attacked a local anti-racist demonstration. For many it is long forgotten but a person has experienced it and been reminded of it every day since. Joel starts now his forth year imprisoned, kidnapped by a government that does not think it is so serious that the Nazis throwing bottles and bengals at children and pensioners. A state which also allows Nazis who “defends” themself go free when they are “defending” themselves with knives.

The anti-fascist sparkle and energy that many felt after we chased lived Nazis from Kärrtorp seems to have cooled in many, but it has burned behind electric fencing, barbed wire and walls of Joel.

Today we think of Joel, Nahuel, John Boden, Valentin, Jock and all others who have not lost the sparkle!



Free Joel Group statement to the international left:

We, anti-fascists of Stockholm, call upon the international left-wing movement to show solidarity and support to one of our imprisoned comrades. He is in prison, sentenced to 5 years and 6 months for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in the Kärrtorp area of Stockholm against a brutal nazi-attack on the 15th of December. Locals of all sorts, including parents with their children, elderly and youth, gathered in their neighbourhood to show strength against a nazi organisation that had been attacking local anti-racists and spreading nazi propaganda in schools in the area. They gathered in a peaceful protest when they were attacked by the most militant nazi group in Sweden with knives, sticks and glass bottles. Anti-fascists at the scene defended the local families from the attack and were injured themselves. One of the anti-fascists got arrested by the police a few days later altough the anti-fascists did nothing but defend themselves.

A week later, on the 22nd of December, the largest manifestation in modern history in Sweden against racism and nazism took place in the same area. Around 20.000 people gathered with a clear message: Nazis are not welcome in our society!

Altough the left-wing people of Stockholm showed strength we need your solidarity, your solidarity actions and your letters to our imprisoned comrade!

For more information please click on the following link:

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