Revolutionary Anarchist Prisoner Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları is on the 39 day of his hunger strike (Turkey)

Comrade Umut Fırat is Not Alone

Yesterday, at a time when the tears have not dried and the rage is not settled yet for the cities burned down to rubble with tanks and bombing, hundreds of people killed, thousands of old, young, child, women and men wounded and unhoused; the images of the perpetrators taking medals are alive in our memories; when the tanks and planes which burned down the cities and killed the people targeted Ankara and Istanbul on July 15, yesterdays heros were declared traitors overnight. Thousands of people were stuffed into prisons, tens of thousands lost their jobs.


The practice of reciprocal coups which is a manifestation of power struggle at the top of the state, revealed the dirty face of state. The relationships between the gangs, cult, sect that organized inside the state with their soldiers, police, allegedly independent judges from supreme court to chancery, prosecutors and all bureaucracy, and the 15 year old racist, nationalist, fundamentalist and sectarian government which used them for their power. However, the government started to organize its counter coup to cement its power despite being responsible for all that’s been lived, and boosted the process of assigning guardians and litem, to companies for change of capital, to newspapers and TV channels for change of idea, municipalities and parties for change of politics, and increased its oppression on all social opposition. While governing with delegated legislation, it is carrying the masses that it manipulated with war horns, and is about to turn all this geography into a sea of blood for its power, ambitions and madness.

As a human, Revolutionary Anarchist, Conscientious/Total Objector, an individual who has been spending 23 years in a lit cell under the darkness of a dungeon, I see all entities of capitalist, statist, nationalist, fundamentalist, sectarian and patriarchal power structure are responsible for all this. I start hunger strike, to draw attention to all this, before and after, to emphasize that new forms of struggle and social opposition has to be organized, and to reflect my own political, moral and conscientious attitude.”

Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner and Anarchist Meydan Newspaper writer Umut Fırat Suvariogullari, who was “transferred for exile” from Izmir Buca Prison to Izmir Yenisakran T Type Prison number 4, is on the 39 day of his hunger strike.

Considering what has been lived in the place of oppression and cruelty, the prisons, the changes and events during the state of emergency are no surprise. Revolutionary Anarchist Umut Fırat, were searched naked during acceptance procedures, resisted because his body was touched without volition, and took communication punishment for resistance. Besides his Revolutionary Anarchist identity being ignored, he was placed with 19 persons in 14 person rooms, forced to sleep on torn beds with blood, forced to stay for years under holding cell conditions of police stations.

Revolutionary prisoners continue to live under the conditions choked to bureaucracy and deprivation by the newly appointed during state of emergency, creating a prison inside prison, where open visits are twice a month and 45-50 minutes, petitions are ignored, repression and torture are continuous.

The conditions that Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner Umut Fırat Suvariogullari is exposed today, are the conditions that all revolutionary prisoners are exposed during the state of emergency. Umut Fırat Suvariogullari, who is on the 39 day of the hunger strike to defend his Revolutionary Anarchist identity and create his sustainable living conditions, is continuing his struggle against all these conditions, becoming free with his struggle.

We salute his struggle!
Revolutionary hearts will destroy the cells!
Comrade Umut Fırat is not alone!

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