Solidarity with anarchist comrade Gianni Scovino (Venezuela)

Gianni Scovino is a young man of 33 with Asperger’s syndrome and a
member of the Turtle Foundation (Fundación La Tortuga
[]), a participant in the punk scene,
and an anarchist media activist using materials from El Libertario
[Venezuela’s primary anarchist periodical] on his Youtube channel
(, where
he puts up videos in both Spanish and English.

On July 13, he was savagely assaulted by members of the Bolivarian
National Police (Policía Nacional Bolivariana [PNB]) and the Bolivarian
National Guard (Guardia Nacional Bolivariana [GNB]) in the parking lot
of the Grand Central Commercial Dairy Plaza (Centro Comercial Plaza
Mayor de Lecherías) in the state of Anzoátegui while he was on a
recycling run for the Turtle Foundation. A video of the attack is
available on Youtube:

[Translator’s note: The Chávez regime and now its successor, the Maduro
regime, refer to themselves as “Bolivarian,” in an attempt to paint
themselves as the successors of Simon Bolivar, the leader of the
19th-century uprising against Spanish colonialism.]

After being brutally beaten by the PNB and GNB with nightsticks and
with shields used as battering rams, he was held for 36 hours at
Detachment 521 of the Command of Zone 521 of the GNB, before being
transferred to a medical facility for treatment. At present he’s
recovering in the Hospital of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Insurance.

Those responsible for the attack on Gianni are GNB first sergeants Osmel
Zambrano Márquez and Joel José Díaz Carreño, and second sergeants Julio
César Gómez Mata and José Gregorio Trébol Pinto, as well as the PNB
attaché Luis Ramón Cova León and PNB officials Xavier Alexander Díaz
Salazar, Elio Antonio Díaz Maigua and José Alejandro Villegas Olivero.

The violent assault suffered by Gianni is symptomatic of the constant
violence in Venezuela for the last 100 days, in which, since April 1,
more than 3,500 people have been detained, an incalculable number have
been injured, and there have been police raids on civil and residential
sites. Thus far 303 Venezuelan civilians have gone before military
tribunals. And more than 100 people have been killed.

We’re making an international call to our overseas anarchist comrades
for solidarity in the face of the attacks on the people of Venezuela
during this uprising of the people. Silence is complicity with a
dictatorship that oppresses, tortures, and jails anarchists.

Let indignation become rage against the oppressor!

With Gianni and all of the Venezuelans rising against the regime, we
remain the anarchists in the popular uprising.

* *

*Some of the Youtube videos from Gianni Scovino:*

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