Free Piotr Now!

Piotr Riabov, one of the most prominent historians of anarchism in Russia, professor of the philosophy department of Moscow University of pedagogy, writer, was arrested today (11/10) due to a conference on the history of the anarchist movement. He was sentenced to six days in prison and went on hunger strike.

His arrest occurred on 9 October in the city of baranovichi, in Belarus, where riabov traveled to make a few talks. The police broke into the conference and arrested the historian and more than twenty people who went to the event. They were all taken to the police station and questioned. The police seized the books and other printed materials that riabov was to use during the conference. That same day, they were all released after the interrogations.

However, on 10 October, riabov was arrested again on the city railway when he was returning to Moscow, tried on 11 October and sentenced to six days in prison. The partner was accused of vandalism and disclosure of extremist materials. The “freedom or death” Magazine No. 6, 2007, was considered extremist. In protest, he entered today, October 11, on hunger strike.

Piotr Riabov, along with Vadim Damier, is the main contemporary historian of anarchism in Russia.

It needs international solidarity and urgent support:

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