Spanish State: Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrade Rodrigo Lanza, Accused of Killing a Nazi in Zaragoza

rodrigo-lanza.jpgRodrigo Lanza was arrested in 2006, accused of attacking a cop on February 4th of that year after the eviction of a party in a squatted house in Barcelona. During the riot that followed, somebody threw a pot from the upper floors, leaving a bastard of the urban guard wounded and quadriplegic.

The cops decided to look for scapegoats and after a long judicial process sentenced Rodrigo Lanza to 5 years, during which he suffered various tortures, beatings and mistreatment from the police due to him being ‘Chilean’.

After these long years in prison, Rodrigo was finally released from prison.

On December 7, 2017, in Zaragoza, Rodrigo, along with some friends were at a bar where they encountered a well known Nazi, 55 year old Víctor Laínez, a member of fascist group Falange Nacional. After a confrontation outside the bar, the bastard Laínez received a blow to the neck that left him in a vegetative state. Days later, his family decided to disconnect him, alleviating the world from his presence.

Rodrigo was quickly arrested and accused of participating in the death of the bastard. Rodrigo remains incommunicado and isolated without further information regarding the charges he is facing.

Solidarity with Rodrigo Lanza!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

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