Anarchists March for Justice on Bloody Sunday


Anarchists in Derry will once again be taking part in the annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice 2018 which takes place on Sunday 28th January in Derry.

This years theme marks the the 50th anniversary of RUC’s brutal response to the NICRA (Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association) on Duke Street in Derry march back in 1968 which is widely regarded as what launched us into decades of violent conflict. In recognition of this historic event the theme of this years Bloody Sunday Commemorative events has been titled “We Shall Overcome”.

As anarchists we call for all those who are interested in the struggle for social justice to participate in the events planned throughout the week leading up to the actual Bloody Sunday ‘March for Justice’. To stand in solidarity with the courage and dignity of all of those Bloody Sunday families who march for justice, who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest around the world.

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