México: Anarchist prisoner Fernando Bárcenas is free!


México: Anarchist prisoner Fernando Bárcenas is free #FuegoaLasCarceles #LaSexta #Zapatista #anarquista #FernandoBarcenas #AbrahamCortés, #LuisFernandoSotelo, #MiguelPeralta … https://wp.me/pIJl9-bxc

by Cruz Negra Anarquista México – translated by thecollective

After spending the last 4 and a half years kidnapped in the North Prison of México City (DF), on the night of June 11th Fernando Bárcenas, returned to the streets! A group of around twenty libertarian anarchist friends travelled to the outside of the North male preventive prison (ReNo) [in DF] in order to wait for the departure of Fernando Bárcenas after four years and six months of prison.

He was arrested at the age of 18, while studying at the College of Humanities and Sciences and working in a furniture factory. He was arrested on December 13th, 2013 and accused of burning a Christmas tree belonging to Coca Cola during a protest against fare increases on the metro in DF. During his imprisonment, Fernando participated in various hunger strikes …..

continues… https://wp.me/pIJl9-bxc

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