Dzmitry Palijenka


Dzmitry Palijenka is a Belarusian anarchist detained on March 20, 2019. He is charged under three articles: aggravated hooliganism (part 3 of article 339) – for a domestic conflict, when he peppersprayed a drunkard who was annoying Dzmitry; inciting other social discord (article 130) – for several pictures on social networks; as well as desecration of buildings and damage to property (article 341) – for an antipolice graffiti.

On 24 October 2018, Dzmitry was released from prison, where he spent a total of two years allegedly for assaulting a traffic policeman during Critical Mass.

Dzmitry stays in Minsk detention center, you can write him:

Polienko Dmitry Aleksandrovich
220050 Minsk, ul. Volodarskogo, 2, SIZO-1
Birthday – May 26

Donations for food parcels are welcome via available transfer channels.

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