International Solidarity Actions for Anarchist / Antifascist Prisoners in the Russian Federation

Following the announcements on anarchist media platforms of the manifestly excessive prison sentences faced by members of the FSB fabricated “Network”Dmitry Pchelintsev, Ilya Shakursky, Arman Sagynbaev, Andrei Chernov, Vasily Kuksov, Mikhail Kulkov, and Maxim Ivankin – anarchists/ antifascists across the South/East Asia and Oceanic region undertook a series of spontaneous solidarity initiatives. Following the trials of Viktor Filinkov and Julian Boyarshinov, we will continue to undertake further actions to contribute to the forthcoming week of international solidarity, February 22-29.

We send our love, rage, strength, and friendship to not just the accused members of the “Network”, but all Russian anarchist/ antifascist prisoners experiencing torture and repression. Azat Miftahov, Ilia Romanov, Egor Lesnyh, Evgeny Karakashev and Kirill Kuzminkin, know that you too are in our thoughts and the unforgivable persecution you are enduring inspires us to act in defence of our shared commitment to anti-fascism/ anarchism.

So-Called Australia:

In Meanjin/ Brisbane, primary school aged children, upon learning of the oppression faced by Russian comrades, were inspired to create a poster reading Release the Russian Network (A). This next generation of anti-authoritarians asked their solidarity message, “Cages are not for humans or animals”, be communicated to both Russian comrades and the state apparatuses responsible for their incarceration.

On February 17th, anarchists in Narrm/ Melbourne, a solidarity photo, featuring a group of local anarchists / antifascists, was taken with a banner reading: Love, Rage and Solidarity from ‘Australia’ to Russian Anarchists. STOP THE TORTURE! FCKFSB!

Music for the Global Intifada, a weekly anarchist radio program, broadcast from Narrm/ Melbourne, regularly reports on the situation of anarchist/ antifa prisoners in the Russian Federation. Programs broadcast on the 30 January and 13 February specifically reported on the pre and post sentencing of the ‘Network’ prisoners.

Sri Lanka: 

On February 14th, antifascist anarchists in Sri Lanka, undertook an action at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, in the country’s capital Colombo. At the entrance to the embassy, an FTP themed banner was hung. It stated: Fight The Patriots! Flog Torturing Police! Flay the Prosecutor! Flames to Penitentiaries! Free the Prisoners! International Antifa Anarchist Solidarity with “Network” and all Political Prisoner Comrades in Russian Cells!


Anarchists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, visited the Embassy of the Russian Federation on February 15th. A banner demanding FCK FSB FREE (A) /// NETWORK was attached to an outer wall of the highly guarded embassy.

So-Called ‘Papua New Guinea’:

Anarchists in so-called Papua New Guinea communicated a solidarity message to comrades in the Russian Federation, “Solidarity from the outskirts of so-called Papua New Guinea, territory of hundreds of tribes and a neighbour of occupied West Papua. Until all are free!” This message was accompanied by a solidarity banner in Russian, FREEDOM TO ANARCHISTS FIRE TO PRISONS.

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