Solidarity with PATXI RUIZ – Tá Muid Libh!

Today in Free Derry, the activists from across the city joins together as part of a day of action in Solidarity with Patxi Ruiz, the Basque political prisoner on his ongoing hunger strike for prisoners’ rights.

Despite of the ongoing lockdown and isolation due the the Covid19 pandemic, several activists unfolded a banner at Free Derry Wall in gaelic and basque which read: PATXI RUIZ Tá Muid Libh! (We Are With You!) ESPETXEAK APURTU (Break The Prisons!).

On his 13th day of protest we send our solidarity and support from Derry to join in denouncing prison system repression and torture and the state efforts to break prisoners solidarity by applying dispersing prisoners far away from their residencies.

Presoak kalera amnistia osa! – Full amnesty for prisoners to the streets!

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