Solidarity with Sardinian Anarchist Prisoner Davide Delogu


On May 21st it was leant the prisoner who had been supporting Davide in his hunger strike protest, both of whom have been in solitary confinement since January, has broken off the protest. However, according to Davide, his comrade remains “in solidarity with me by not taking the lousy food in prison.” Davide, who has spent 20 years in prison and has never bent before the full force of the Italian state, also continues to demand that the prison governor Rizzo come to his cell to explain his decisions instead of sending his minions.

The total isolation to which he has been subjected for months, the continuous renewal of the censorship, the continuous transfers, the withholding of books that are not delivered to him, his deportation from Sardinia, the new protest that he has been carrying out since May 14th … Davide does not know if he can carry all this weight by itself. It’s time for everyone to show their support.

Write to Davide at:

Davide Delogu, C. C. di Palermo Pagliarelli “Antonio Lorusso”, Piazza Pietro Cerulli, 1 – CAP 901299 Palermo (PA), Italia.

Direct your expressions of support for Davide and complaints about his continued isolation to:

Commissario Capo Giuseppe Rizzo
Piazza Pietro Cerulli, 1 – CAP 90129 – Palermo (PA), Italia.
Tel: +39 0916685456

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