Russian Anarchist prisoner, Nikita Emelyanov Transferred

104484346_2715385535361846_4077759464977705516_nRussian Anarchist prisoner, Nikita Emelyanov, is being transferred to another prison regime. His family is continually pressured by the authorities since his arrest –
On May 29, a closed trial was held on the transfer of Nikita Emelyanov to another prison regime for numerous violations and refusal to sign any papers on obedient behavior and compliance with internal prison rules. Previously, he visited SCHIZO and later was transferred to the isolation room which is a type of chamber cell. He is expected to be sent to prison #8 in Zhodino.
At the same time, the authorities have stepped up further pressure on Nikita’s family, probably because of his position and his mother’s position, as she openly supports her son and proud of his actions. She reports threats and relentless harassment from the special services.
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