Death of Stuart Christie

Derry anarchists are shocked and saddened to learn today of the death of our comrade Stuart Christie. Without doubt one of the most influential anarchists in both Isles of the entire 20th century.
His dedication and support for anarchists and class struggle prisoners through the reconstruction of the Anarchist Black Cross, was directed and assisted though the publication Black Flag with his life long friend and comrade Albert Meltzer. Both of who inspired a new wave of class struggle anarchists and dedicated internationalists to the cause of anarchism.
In recent times we had discussed with Stuart the possibilities of him attending the Derry Radical Bookfair however with illness, family events and life generally it was put off to discuss another day. Sadly this will now never happen.
Stuart came to prominence with his arrest and incarceration for attempting to end Franco’s fascist reign or terror in the Spanish State but in more recent times through his dedicated work creating one of the largest open library of anarchist films available anywhere.
Without doubt his humour just as his overall presence within the anarchist movement for over 50 years will be ever lasting for many.
Our comrade Stuart now leaves a legacy few could only hope to match.
Rest in Power!
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