Passing of Stuart Christie

Just received the news that anarchist Stuart Christie passed away. This test was written by Dr. Uri Gordon, a famous Israeli theorist of anarchism in the West.
Stuart Christie is one of the brightest British anarchists of the 20th century, Scottish by origin. Christie became famous after trying to kill Spanish dictator Franco. Although the attempt failed, Christie spent many years in Spanish prison, but this story made a lot of noise. After the liberation, Christie worked hard with the British Black Cross and the Evil Brigade, the battle wing of British anarchists and Irish nationalists. Helped (like the brigade itself) to the Irish revolutionaries in their fight against British colonialism. Wrote brochures and works. Participated in all kinds of civil initiatives.
In 2014, I interviewed Christie with Israeli comrades. It was published in one of the issues of the anarchist magazine ′′ Alternative “. Today, the magazine’s issues are included in the national archive of Israel, which means the name Christie, and his story is perpetuated. It will be necessary to spend time and translate this interview into English and Slavic languages.
It was sad to know that such a person left us. Eternal memory.
P.S. In British circles they already write that God and the Devil need to carefully prepare for such a ′′ visit “: if Christie himself goes. And it reminds me of a joke, although it’s not quite about Christie, but about the Evil Brigade and the IRA.
The IRA militant dies and gets to the gates of Paradise. The Archangel says to him: ′′ Dove, you killed people, we can’t let you in “. The IRA militant replies: ′′ And I don’t need you, but you have an hour to evacuate everyone from Paradise “.
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