Repression against anarchists in Belarus

On August 12, anarchists Alexander Frantskevich and Akihiro Khanada were imprisoned in Belarus.
Frantskevich had already been a political prisoner, incarcerated in 2010-2013 on charges of attacks on government structures. Police call him ′′ the leader of the most radical anarchist group,”′′ Revolutionary Action”.
At this time, Alexander is accused of organizing mass riots (penalties ranging from 5 to 15 years in prison). At the moment we don’t know the accusations against the second detainee, Akihiro Hanada.
Anarchists have been the most radical and one of the organized forces that for a long time opposed Alexander Lukashenko’s regime. They actively participate in all the mass protests of Belarus against dictatorship, and have long been the subject of persecution by the authorities.
Now, with the beginning of unprecedented protests for Belarus, authorities are concerned about the popularity of anarchists, and they are starting another round of repression.
State television channels directly accuse Russian and Belarusian anarchists of ′′ coordinating riots ′′ and Frantskevich and Akihiro seem to be the suitable candidates for the role of ′′ protests organizers “.
Now our comrades are facing a long prison for their fight against dictatorship and we urge anyone not to be indifferent.
Give life to actions of solidarity, call for the release of Frantskevich, Akihiro and all detainees, translate and spread this appeal worldwide. By drawing as much as possible attention to this case against anarchists, we can condition a positive outcome.
We also remind you that anarchist Nikita Yemelyanov is still imprisoned in Belarus, sentenced to four years in prison for symbolic attacks on judicial buildings and an isolation department in Minsk.
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