Repression grows in Russia


On August 19 at 14:00 in the Lomonosov district court of the Leningrad region, Julia Boyarshinov’s lawsuit for compensation in connection with violations of the conditions of detention will be considered.
Earlier, Julius had already filed a complaint with the ECHR, but there was recommended to apply again to the national court.
Judge Smirnov Alexander Sergeyevich is considering the case. The court is located at: g. Lomonosov, st. Alexandrovskaya, 11.
Yuliy Boyarshinov spent five months in the press-houses of the tortured SIZO ′′Gorelovo”.
In November 2018, Mediazona published his story about the experience.
′′ Kremlin, scratch, beating and endless floor washing “:
In April 2020, the FSIN reported that the SIZO-6 closed, only a tuberculosis hospital for prisoners continues to operate on its territory.
In July, it was revealed that the SIZO-6 is located and the observator – in it, the accused of ′′ acquitting terrorism ′′ was detained in St. Petersburg LGBT activist Alexander Merkulov.


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