Alexey ′′ Sokrates ′′ Sutuga is in intensive care


Attention! The well-known anti-fascist and social activist Aleksey “Sokrat” Sutuga is in intensive care.
He has a severe contusion of the brain, fractures of the parietal and temporal bones and cerebral edema, paralysis of the right half of the body.
He underwent surgery and craniotomy. Now he is in a coma!!!
For over 15 years Alexey has been involved in the development of the anti-fascist and anti-capitalist movement in various cities of Russia. (Also he is a former political prisoner).
He did a lot to help us stop the Nazi violence on the streets of Russia. For a long time he helped political prisoners, anti-fascists and socialists in Russia.
Now Alexey needs our support and solidarity as well!!! A lot of money is required for treatment and rehabilitation. We ask you to show solidarity and help our friend and comrade.
Please, if you can help:
russian article:
a video interview Sokrat gave a while ago:
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