Free Anarchist Prisoner Yevgeny Karakaszew

117769665_948915722274048_8947011300745471615_n.pngOn 1 Feb 2018 Anarchist Yevgeny Karakaszew was detained by police officers in Jewpatoria (Crimea) and on 2 February 2018 arrested on charges of a crime in part 1 art. 282 (incitement to hatred and public call for terrorism) and part 2 of Article 2 205.2 (public reference to terrorism).
The reason for the court to start a criminal case was the film ′′ The last interview with Primorsky guerillas ′′ published on VKontakte social media. This film is considered extremist in Russia.
The real reason for detention and then the arrest of Yevgeny is related to his socio-political activities. He participated many times in pickets near FSB building, min. against police brutality in Crimea.
He now serves 6 years in the penalty camp.
Address to which you can send a postcard or a letter to Yevgenija:
Karakashev Evgeny Vitalyevich, 1978
D.A. Mizieva, 1
361424, KBR, Chegemskiy rayon, p. Kamenka
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