Solidarity with Anarchist from Minsk


Anarchist from Minsk. He was arrested on October 19 with Ivan Komar on charges of two attempts to arson investigative arrest No. 1 at ul. Valadarski in solidarity with Dmitry Palijenka being held there at the time, as well as for throwing paint bombs in front of the City Court in Minsk.
Twenty-year-old Yemelyanau and Mosquito were accused of Article 341 of criminal law (desecration of the building and destruction of property), Article 295.3 (harmful act using flammable materials), and Article 344 (intentional destruction of historical and cultural values).
On February 12, 2020 Mikita Yemelyanau was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years in prison in a criminal camp.
On March 27, 2020, the court of appeals eased Mikita Yemelyanau’s penalty for 4 years.
Organizations dealing with the defence of human rights, min. The Center for Human Rights Spring, the Helsinki Committee, considered Jemelyanau and Mosquito as political prisoners.
Mikita on the sentence announcement, said: ′′ In the fight for freedom, justice and human rights, the purpose justifies the means ′′
Message Nikita at:
Yemelyanov Nikita Vladimirovich
ul. Krupskoy 99 A, ST-4
212011 Mohylew,
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