Stop the Torture of Russian Anarchists

SolidarityABCAzat Miftakhov, graduate of Moscow State University at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.
A 27-year-old anarchist was detained early February 2019-he was initially charged with the production of explosives found in the Moscow satellite city of Balashikha.
The men who stopped him tried to force him to confess. Human rights defenders recorded traces on his body indicating electrocution.
Ultimately, these allegations were rapidly dropped, but he is still in temporary custody for another matter: a year previously unknown people broke a window at the Khovrino district office in the United Russia, threw smoke candles inside.
According to investigators, ′′ criminal activity ′′ Miftachowa also included participation in protests of support for Russian political prisoners.
Azat will remain in custody until September 4, 2020
American Mathematical Society, students of Moscow State University (MGU), Memorial Association and many other scientists from around the world joined the defense of Azat.
Message Azat:
Miftakhov Azat Fanisovich, 1993
ul. Novoslobodskaya, 45,
PKU SIZO-2127055, Moscow,
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