40 Years a Prisoner

Mike Africa Junior: To my Social Media Family! It’s finally here.

The long awaited film created by @producertommy. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears and it’s finally done. Now, I need you to Listen up! I need my sm family to understand that the most important words on this poster is “He will never be free until his family comes home.”

Truer words have never been spoken. I need you all to help me reenergize the movement for the last remaining member of my Family, @mumiaabujamalofficial. Mumia had been in prison since 1981. He spent more time in prison than Nelson Mandela.

He’s survived 7 US Presidents. When he was taken to prison his children were actually children and now they are grandparents. We need to free this innocent man and I need you to help me do it. I’m taking suggestions for actions and strategies.

Let’s get on the MOVE to free the #voiceofthevoiceless#onthemove#freemumia#freethemall

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