Anarchist Marina Dubin in a prominent figure within the ′′ Ecohome ′′ organisation has now been detained in Minsk.

Like many anarchists within the city of Minsk, she had been repeatedly stopped and detained and repressed for her political beliefs: in 2017 she was sentenced to 14 days for participation in the ′′ March of unparasites “ and in June 2018 she was attacked by SOBR and GUBOPIK in the forest near Krupki.

Her house has been searched repeatedly which seen further repression of the printing co-operation of′′ Listowka “.

On October 2, two members of the same printing co-operative, Yevgeny Dyatkowski and Konstantin Niestierowicz (below) were also detained as part of a government policy targeting anarchists throughout the country.

Let us remind you that ′′ Listowka ′′ is an anarchist cooperation that printed many publications, bulletins and zines as well as strike leaflets for employees of state companies who find it impossible to produce anything in relation to workers struggle or workers rights.

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