Solidarity Action with imprisoned Anarchists in Belarus

Video of Action:

Yesterday we showed solidarity with four imprisoned anarchists and with whole anarchists movement in Belarus .Dmitry Dubovsky, Dmitry Rezanovic, Igor Olinevich, Siergiej Romanow – Each of them had been an opponent of the fascist state for many years and had regularly experienced its repressions. All the four have strong moral principles and well-established views. Each of them is a convinced anarchist, each of them is an idea-oriented and worthy person.

In the end You will find short note about each one of them. In the next few days, there will be an official statement of anarchist movement, according to arrest anarchists, sign up by diferent anarchists group – also Federacja Anarchistyczna Śląsk.We cannot allow, that state structures which terrorize people everyday, accused our comrades of being terrorists.Lukashenko’s regime is afraid of anarchists because he knows that anarchists will hit where it hurts the most.Situation of our comrades is not so good, they face the death penalty.

We want to suport as much as possible their situation, that is why we decide to collect some money, which we will give to ACK Belarus, and they will decide how to intend them.

Account for zloty43 2360 0018 0107 0000 0088 3963Account for euroIBANLT13 3250 0824 7495 4734BICREVOLT21

In title of transaction write „4arrested in Belarus”Bank transfer detailsName: PatrycjaSurname: SzatIgor Olinevich – an anarchist, political prisoner of the Belarusian regime.

In November 2010, he was detained by special services in Moscow, and sentenced to 8 years in a high-security colony on articles for the deliberate destruction of property and participation in an organized hooligan group. He was pardoned by the president’s decree on August 22, 2015.

We know him thanks to the book “I am going to Magadanu” (available at in which Igor tells us about his stay in the custody of the Belarusian KGB – harassment, constant control, intimidation, brutality of the officers and everyday living in isolation.

Dmitry Dubovsky is an anarchist from Soligorsk. In 2010, he was entered on the list of wanted persons by the Belarusian regime. He is a close friend of Igor and was wanted with him in 2010 by the FSB.

When Igor was arrested, Dmitry managed to escape. For 10 years, Dima hid in Russia and Ukraine, published his travelogues and was constantly involved in the anarchist movement.Dmitry Rezanovich is an anarchist from Gomel. He was detained on March 16, 2014 after crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border in Kursk.

He crossed the border on the basis of his brother’s documents. He was detained on suspicion of sabotage in Russian territory. However, the FSB did not find sufficient evidence for this version and proceedings were initiated against him for illegal border crossing. Dima was held in a deportation center, after which he was transferred to Belarus and sentenced to a fine. He remained an active participant in the anarchist movement.Sergei Romanov is an anarchist from Gomel.

In 2013, Romanov was sentenced to two years’ suspended prison sentence for keeping 14 grams of gunpowder at home.

In 2014, Sergei was sentenced to 6 years in prison, after his appeal, the sentence was reduced to five years.

He was released in July 2019. The court’s decision imposed restrictions on preventive supervision, including prohibition of leaving the city and changing the place of residence, prohibition of visiting bars, restaurants, shops and other places where alcohol is sold, curfew, obligation to check in once a week.

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