Solidarity with Marfi Rabkova

According to HRC ′′ Wiasna ′′ on behalf of Marfi Rabkova, ′′ unknown people ′′ send fake letters.

The mother of one political prisoner received a letter from Marfi, writing about ′′ KGB and GUBOPIK fascists ′′ and ′′ chat charges “.

The handwriting in the letter does not match Marfi’s handwriting, this was confirmed by relatives and the anarchist herself.Human rights defenders believe that this is how the security services are trying to provoke the addressee to ′′ radical speeches ′′ which can later be used in court.

Marfia Rabkova, anarchist activist and volunteer coordinator ′′ Wiasna ′′ has been in custody in Minsk for over a month.Address to correspondence:

Rabkova Marfia AlexandrovnaSIZO-1, p. Valadarian 2220030 Minsk, BELARUS

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