Appeal to the International Anarchist Community

Below is an appeal of ACK Belarus to the international anarchist movement.

Remember that support – mainly financial, is much needed for our comrades who fight in the Belarusian Revolution. For us, a small amount for them a chance to win!

Every single day of fighting more, brings them closer to winning for a free Belarus, free from a dictator, free from the state of terror, free from torture, beat, rape, mental abuse.You can use the link

′′ For more than three months, Belarusians have been fighting the authoritarian regime.Within 26 years, dictator Lukashenko built a system aimed at suppressing all political life. Coronavirus and a number of economic problems have significantly changed what is happening in the country. Within a few months, Belarusians have learned to organize self-organization. The presidential election caused a wave of the biggest protest in the history of the country!

But the tyrant will not abandon his throne. At least 5 people died (some died in strange circumstances). Thousands of people have been beaten and led to kaldctivity by police violence. Over 15 k detained and sentenced in administrative matters. More than 500 criminal cases have been opened. At least 200 people await trial in custody (including anarchists and anti-fascists).Since the first days of the uprising, anarchists have been actively participating in street demonstrations and various initiatives in their places of residence.

Activists are in favour of self-organization and decentralised protest. Some have organized a guerilla group.Determination and persistence of anarchist movement in the country has made us one of the best organized political forces in the fight against dictatorship.But anarchists are also not ignored by repressive structures. Due to problems some of our comrades were forced to go underground and quit their jobs. Leaving without livelihood and without their place of residence, now they live exclusively because of the solidarity of their comrades! With limited resources, we are forced to call our comrades and friends from outside the country for support. Money for many things is quite urgent and we will be grateful for any contribution from small to large!

For today we need constant help with:

* fees for a safe apartment, conference room rental and more,

* infrastructure;

* purchase of protest equipment (megaphones, walkie-talkie, personal equipment, first aid kit, etc. ),),

* printing leaflets / stickers / brochures,

* supporting those who now live underground and can’t earn money,

* support for activists who have experienced the violence of the Belarusian state.

We call on comrades from around the world to show solidarity with the anarchist movement in Belarus.With the support of this campaign, you will support not only anarchists but also the desire for Belarusians to free themselves from the dictatorship!

Tell your friends and comrades about the campaign and only with your help can we get through the darkest night till dawn!Support in Firefund:

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