Solidarity with Dmitry

Dmitry Rezanovich will be 31th November Dima is an active participant in Belarusian anarchist movement.

In 2014, at the age of 24 he left for Kiev to participate in a revolution on the barricades of Majdan. Then I crossed the border by Ukrainian-Russian train using my brother passport.

He was detained at Kursk railway station and transferred to FSB.Dima spent four months at a deportation center in Kursk before expulsion from Russia. There he took part in a four-day hunger strike to improve the conditions of retention. The result of the strike was to grant prisoners permission from the administration to take a shower daily and collect home-made parcels from loved ones.

Dima refused to serve in the Belarusian army: ′′ I am not interested in serving in the Belarusian army. The same army, if something happens, can be used against their people, as I have noticed many times…

′′Now Dima is trapped by the KGB along with three other anarchists.You can send him a card of solidarity – both him and the other three detained.

We suggest sending letters in Russian – there is a better chance that they will be handed over to the boys. Addresses for sending letters below:

linevich Igor VladimirovichSergei Alexandrovich RomanovMain Post, Postal Box 8, Minsk, 220050

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