ABC & Prisoner Solidarity

Anyone who’s spent time in a cell for political activity, will know that imprisonment and detention, is designed to deny autonomy, degrade the dignity of the individual, impair or destroy self-reliance, and to inculcate authoritarian and extremely hierarchical values – very often though, particularly with anarchist prisoners, incarceration has had the opposite effect.

It can put iron in the soul. But Christmas can still be a terribly lonely event and a little contact from the outside goes a long way.D.i.Y.Culture #11 – Prisoner Support Special is packed with practical information on how to get involved in support for anarchist and class war prisoners.

How to start an Anarchist Black Cross group, about being vegan in the nick, info from the Bent Bars Project which provides support to LGBTQI prisoners and the Angry Brigade on kicking capitalism until it fucking-well breaks.

Have a read and try to get involved in some way – your input could mean a lot to someone:…/DiYC%20No11%20Online…

The Shawshank Redemption (1994). Directed by Frank Darabont. Andy finally tastes freedom, and stands in the rain, washing off the filth he has had to endure.

Movie scene like this don’t come along too often:…

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