Mykola’s life is in danger!

The Anarchist Black Cross have received information over the last few days from several sources that the punitive authorities may try to kill the anarchist and blogger Nikolai Dedka in the pre-trial detention center on Volodarka.

If something happens to Nikolai in the coming weeks, the responsibility for this will lie entirely with the Belarusian regime.Dedok was detained on November 11 in a rented apartment. During his arrest, he was severely beaten, and then tortured to obtain passwords from an encrypted computer.

Mikola is in quarantine from December 18 to December 27. Due to quarantine, a lawyer is not allowed to see him.

Address for letters: SIZO-1, st. Volodarskogo 2, Minsk, 220030, Dedku Nikolai Alexandrovich

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