The story of Santa Dedok: The World is Watching!

′′ They threatened me with rape. They said they will take me to the Gestapo or the forest

The story of Santa Dedok passed on to freedomNovember 25, 2020On November 12, 2020, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus reported the arrest of anarchist blogger, Mikolaj Dedok. The press secretary reported that the detainee is working with the authorities and giving statements. At the same time it becomes clear that Dedok was beaten badly. He is accused of violating public mir (Article 342 of the Belarusian criminal code). – ′′

Mediazona ′′ learned about the details of his arrest from the person with whom Dedok managed to contact in custody on Akrestina street.An informant, who wants to remain anonymous out of concern for safety, reported ′′ Mediason “, that according to Miko łaj, the security services appeared in his rental apartment in the city of Sosnow aw around 23 on 00 November. They broke windows and seven members of the group for special tasks and OMONu invaded the apartment – describes the informant.At first they started beating him to get the password for his laptop. Then they started choking him with a pillow. When he started having trouble breathing, he succumbed and gave the password. Then he was beaten for a long time until he gave the password to the Telegram messenger – reports the informant.Then Dedok was on the floor for a while. Law enforcement wouldn’t let him raise his head, but the blogger remembered that they were walking around his apartment. Soon they brought witnesses and searched the town. He was ordered not to speak in front of the witness. – says the source of ′′ Mediazony “.

During the search, they pulled three bottles from the toolhouse (which were not in the apartment) and smelled gasoline. The bottles were wrapped in kitchen towels. – Dedok mentioned while talking to the informant. Next, Belarusian media reported that Molotov cocktails were found in Santa’s apartment.Lawyer Natalkia Mackiewicz said Santa Dedok was beaten during arrest. Defense has requested an obduction.′′ I can say that I had several clients who ran away from Checznya after torture and were detained in Bia orsorsi for expulsion, but I never expected such stories in our country.” Mackiewicz said without giving details of his client’s retention.′′

After the search, law enforcement told Santa they’d make a video. They shoved him into the warehouse and sprayed the room with pepper spray. Then they dragged him outside and sprayed his face and eyes. They said if you don’t hear from him during the movie they will let him wash his face. They brought him into the house until they made video and wouldn’t let him wash his face. – Madiazona informant recreates the words of anarchist.In the materials published by the Interior Minister, Dedok’s eyes are abundantly tearful. Źrod: spring96.orgThe whole time they threatened him with rape and urinating him. They said they will drive him to ′′ Gestap ′′ or to the forest – the informant contunutes.Around a.m. Dedok was introduced to the minibus and taken to Minsk to the main office of GDDZPZIK (Chief Directorate for Organized Crime and Corruption). Blogger told the informant ′′ Mediazony ′′ that he had been put face to the ground and spent several hours in this position.VeraCrypt password on his hard drive and admin s’ identity was expected of him in the anarchist ′′ Pramen ′′ and ′′ ACK-Belarus ′′ (anarchist black cross).

When he was silent, they beat him in the back and legs with sticks, says Dedok’s history intermediary.

He was threatened with rape with a stick. He was blown on his hands and pads with a taser when he lifted his head. They pressed on him. Lasted until am.They took the bottles they allegedly found in the apartment. They put their necks in the talk. They forced to spit on them and then rubbed the sline into them. They gave him some documents to sign – Dedok told the contact ′′ Mediazony “.Then police officers insisted once again that the arrestant recite the text they had written into the camera. They said if he got the wrong part, they’ll beat him up.

If he says anything else about the police or someone from GDDZPZIK (Chief Directorate for Organized Crime and Corruption), they will take him to the center of the prisoners and beat him again and harder.According to the source, Dedok doesn’t know who was abusing him. Attendees of the arrest and search did not introduce themselves and had masks on.

They promised to get seven or nine years of sentence. And if he says something on them, ′′ he will be placed ′′ cockpit ′′ (or ′′ dick hole ′′ – alternative translation from the English text) – a special cell, where cellmates raped a new prisoner, used by prison service as punishment – killed there.Dedok was taken into custody in Akre ścin on November 12 at 12 am.

Now Santa is staying in pre trial center number one.#ACAB #freemikoladziadok #FreeBelarus

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