Anti-fascist musician ′′ Dill ′′ forced to seek asylum in France

Famous Russian anti-fascist and musician Vladimir ′′ Dill ′′ Skopintsev was forced to seek asylum in France due to persecution in Russia.

Next, we publish his letter.′′ How I became a political refugee!My life is like a Netflix series, current is more real. Not comfortable at all, but very interesting)Now I have filed a petition for political asylum in France, and here’s how it all happened:

I’ll start from far away.November 17, 2017, I decided to go to Minsk (Belarus), to congratulate my son on his 6th birthday.I bought gifts, came, congratulated, hung out with my son for a couple of days, then celebrated a friend’s birthday from Minsk…

And so we were already going to go to Moscow with a friend to celebrate my birthday – as I know I had a search at home.I call a lawyer, they tell me that ′′ FSB-Penza ′′ has done a search in the ′′ Network ′′ case (there are papers about it), they took away comps, phones, and what’s going on: people are electrocuted, and it’s better for me yet not to come back.A month passes, I’m contacting a lawyer again, they say, it’s still getting worse, people are arrested and tortured throughout Russia, and that you can easily get into a binding without even being guilty. I understand that I’m stuck in Belarus for a long time, and I decide to take my time with maximum benefit: I went to blockchain meetups, weaned in blockchain school, took part in crypto projects…

And so we launched services for the effective distribution of tokens in the Etherium blockchain, and went to celebrate this case in Grodno.I rented a house for two days on my passport. My data went on some list, and on the second day I came to see the KGB and four OMONovites.They put me face in the floor, and let’s ask where is my Ukrainian passport, and when I came from Ukraine.

And I never had a Ukrainian passport, and in Ukraine I was long ago. Even before the war…It turned out that in 2015, Russia sent a paper to Belarus, in which it wrote that I was closed to enter Russia from the territory of Ukraine. And if I try to get to Russia from Ukraine, I must be stopped.But all 2015 years I stayed in Russia, and I did not go to Ukraine.In 2016, Russia lifted the ban on entry, but in 2018 vigilant Belarusian KGBshniki decided to check who was closed the entrance to Russia there 2 years ago.

I found 0,26 grams of prohibited substances during the search, and I was sent to jail for that. There I was put on ′′ preventive accounting ′′ as ′′ extremism and other destructive activities “. I am the leader of the anti-fascist group.GUBOPIK came to learn about my relations with anarchists and antifascists from Russia and Belarus. I told them everything you can read on the Internet, and also about Physical Immortality, Artificial Intelligence and Space Ships. GUBOPIKI are shocked, they don’t understand anything themselves, but they are afraid to show their ignorance. This is a different story in general…

In the end: court, I was given 2 years of the general regime, and sent to IR-15 Mogilev.My term started 11.08.2018 and had to end 11.08.2020.I was in prison for 1 years and 1 months, and the amnesty was coming – in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the German fascist invaders.I got a year from my amnesty term, and deported from Belarus. Closed the entrance there for 5 years.On September 14, 2019, I ended up in Russia.My son in Belarus, the entrance is closed to me…

The cops didn’t care about me, ′′ FSB-PENZA ′′ returned my dad’s computer and other things they took during the search.I already thought that everything was fine, the term was creeped, they would fall behind me…Did what I love most: talked to friends, went to blockchain meetups, hung out at events… But somehow I didn’t feel safe.Friends from Germany wrote, invited to visit. I decided to go see old friends. I’ve issued a French visa for three months, within six months. French visa – because it is faster than German, even twice!On December 1, 2019, went to Germany. Helped there at the Youth Alternative Center. Conducted ′′ social games ′′ to strengthen connections within the community. I read lectures on Digitalization, talked about blockchain, smart contracts, web3. 0, DAO…

I read that the business of ′′ Net ′′ was over, the guys were given crazy time. I thought that when the ′′ Network ′′ case was closed, and after the search everything was returned – it means that I am no longer interested in offenders, and I can live quietly further, doing positive and constructive activities.The visa came to an end, I bought a return ticket Berlin-Moscow on February 27…On February 17, I am sent a link to the fact that Russia has started a new case about the ′′ extremist community “, and there is a huge list of people suspected of participating in ′′ People’s Self Defense “.

Here, in the public domain this text: of February 17, at 12:49. There are almost 15.000 views at the moment.I was not in ′′ People’s Self Defense ′′ but I was on the lists of these. There’s a photo of my passport, my passport data, a passport… In general, everything that only cops have. Besides that, there was Egor Bassist on the list – he is a great musician, we played together, and he is definitely no extremist.Still on the list was my tattoo artist and old friend Tanya Anti. She is a wonderful and kind person raising a gorgeous daughter Lena. But on the list she is listed as ′′ dangerous left-wing radical “. It all looks like some kind of madness!In general, I realized that I will never get behind again.

Too much I’ve been right, thinking too much, talking too much, doing too much…Generally speaking, ′′ do not forget, do not forget, never forget…”My friends from Germany are also shocked. They say do what you want, don’t go back, and we will help you as much as we can.I appealed to human rights activists, then to workers with refugees, and they told me: ′′ There is an agreement Dublin-3. And under this agreement you should seek asylum in a country that issued a visa.”And I have a French visa. Well, ′′ I won’t be scared by the change of places, the snitch won’t give away, the pig won’t eat…” Let’s go to France. It’s good that the world is not without good people. I was connected to people who support refugees in Franci, they advised me, told me where to apply, what documents should I apply…February 27, on the last day of the visa, I applied for political asylum in France. The process has begun. Now I have to wait 6 months to 2 years and can’t leave France.France turned out to be a very expensive country. Almost everything is twice as expensive as in Russia. But here I feel safe, and it costs a lot).I don’t know when I can return to Russia, and will I return at all… Although Kropotkin hung out in exile for 40 years, and ended up returning to his native pinates. Maybe something like this will happen for me too? ))

I already really miss my family, friends, blockchain meetups, poetic readings, robotics conferences, laboratories to prevent global risks… I actually love Moscow very much, this is my favorite city! And it’s so stupid that such a beautiful city has such terrible offending authorities!Now I’m doing what I carry documents from one place to another: received papers from the refugee association, took them to the prefecture, gave them other papers, brought them back to the refugee aid association.

There’s new papers again, back to the prefecture, again new papers to carry back… What prevents them from emailing documents – it’s not clear, but what you’ll do to avoid being in prison in a fabricated case…I have helped a lot of people in my life. And my whole life went through trying to make this world a little better.And the person who helps other people is difficult to ask for help. But on the other hand, we need to step through our EGO, and admit that we all sometimes need help, and there are times when we can’t handle it alone!I admit I’m in a situation where I can’t handle it alone!

I need your help!If you can help me somehow, help me.

Even 100 rubles is a great support!Here is my Sberbank card:4276 3800 6949 1079Vladimir Dmitrievich S.

Here is my

Here is my BTC wallet:12MHpdkcqQTE3Sq5dp2QgBoosBbzTfQTQEHere is my ETH wallet:0xcbfb5ef589010d99f519c8f9830beb8bbff23d27 “

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