Letter from Belarusian Prisoner Ilya

Letter from Ilya Shakursky to Belarusian prisoners:

′′ Hello friends.I write to you from places that were once known for their political camps, which were called Dubravlag.I may have already known some of you. At the time when I was just in prison, I received many news from Belarus with words of support from comrades and caring people.

Today, when many of us were captured again, as it was a hundred years ago, I think it’s important to remember each other and take advantage of mutual support.

Your strength and aspiration has always been respectful, and 2020, in my opinion, inspired many, bringing hope and faith to the people. As far as I know, your situation is much harsher today than the one I’m in.

But still, I ask you not to fall in spirit.Tyranny will fall under the oppression of its own crimes.I wish you freedom, resilience and strength.

With a friendly hug ′′Information about prisoners of anti-fascists and anarchists of Belarus with addresses for letters – on the website of ACHK-Belarus: https://abc-belarus.org/?cat=3

Address for letters to Ilya Shakursky:

FCU IK-17 UFSIN of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia431161, Zubovo-Polyansky district, p. Lakeside, st. Forest, d. 3Shakursky Ilya Alexandrovich, 1996

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