Irish Anarchist Prisoner Turns 30: Wrongfully Incarcerated

In May our comrade John Paul Wootton celebrated his 30th birthday wrongfully incarcerated in Maghaberry Gaol, North Ireland. At a time when he should have been celebrating such an occasion with his family, comrades and loved ones, John Paul instead marks yet another birthday, wrongfully imprisoned with Brendan McConville who form part of the Miscarriage of Justice case known the world over as the Craigavon Two. Detained and sentenced in a Diplock court (Non-jury Court) for a crime they did not commit.

John Paul is an anarchist who continues to be active whilst being held in the notorious Maghaberry Gaol in Ireland assisting many prisoners in knowing their rights whilst incarcerated and expressing solidarity with other prisoners throughout the world.

He is active writing and commenting on current situation in Ireland from an anarchist perspective as well as on other social justice cases which remain close to his heart. A talented musician and an excellent guitarist penning many songs, some of which have been aired during a number of Industrial Workers of the World online social events as an incarcerated worker. Songs written by himself on a number of social justice and class struggle issues.

You can write directly to John Paul at the following address to express support and solidarity with the Craigavon Two however you can help share the website below to help raise the issue of the Craigavon Two and demand their immediate release.

Write to:

John Paul Wootton, Davis House, Maghaberry Prison, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Ireland. BT28 2PT

Brendan McConville, Roe House, Maghaberry Prison, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Ireland, BT28 2PT

John Paul Wootton with his Nephew

#JFTC2 For more information on the Justice for the Craigavon Two please look at the following website recently established by family members to help raise the ongoing profile of John Paul and Brendan McConnville who make up the Craigavon Two:

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