Call for Support & Solidarity with the revolution in Brazil

We, anarchist and communist militants from the city of São Paulo, organized in the “Revolução Periférica” movement, would like to address this message to our comrades outside Brazil.

We came up as a movement days before our first action: the arson attack against the infamous “Borba Gato”: an 13 meter statue of an infamous colonizer and slave trafficker in Brazil.

Because of this action, that was widespread in Brazil and quickly gained popular approval, two militants from the RP was arrested. A month later, under pressure by the investigation of the police of São Paulo, the courier worker known as Paulo “Galo”, leader of the “Entregadores Antifascistas” (a antifascist food delivery worker’s union), alongside with Danilo “Biu”, surrended for the police. They were both wanted for the action, and won’t last for so long pursued by the cops.

Borba Gato was a brutal bandeirante in Colonial Brazil and his infamous statue represent the “glorious” history of his racist and violent past.

On 24 of July, militants from the “Revolução Periférica” set fire on the Statue of Borba Gato, hours before the major protest against Bolsonaro in São Paulo and other major brazilian cities wich resulted in clashes between protesters and the police.

Paulo remained 14 days imprisioned and will face legal prosecution alongside with other militants that participated in the action. Because of this, we are creating an international solidarity ring for the Revolução Periférica. We also set up a crowdfunding campaign to receive international support for our movement. The RP today, in the state of São Paulo, is pushing forward the words of revolution in the favelas of Vietnã, Paraisópolis, Beira Rio II, Jardim Jaqueline, Grajaú and ABC Paulista. With financial help and popular support from other countries, we can become much more stronger, and much more close from the revolution.

Our campaign will be available tomorrow, on You can see a preview right here: ( or, if you’re reading this on monday, you can see the campaign online in the frontpage of

We like to share with you not only our campaign, but manly our intentions. We are anarchists and communists that seek to grow popular power where the people are. With the people, by the people, for the people. With the tactics of direct action and autonomy, we’re quickly advancing toward the final objective: the revolution.

Please, help us as you please. Share with other comrades, support our campaign, tell our history to a independent media. Every form of support from outside our country will be fucking aewsome.

I think that’s all for now. You can see our job mainly through our social media accounts:

There are some news and publications about or actions in the following links:

If you search through the internet, you will found a lot more content
about our actions and our movement.

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