Political prisoner Mikita Yemelyanau prosecuted for disobedience in prison

The human rights center “Viasna” informs that at the end of November 2021 the Mahiliou inter-district department of the Investigative Committee brought a new criminal case against the political prisoner Mikita Yemelyanau under part 2 of article 411 of the Criminal Code “persistent disobedience to demands of the administration of a penal institution”. The young man faces a new sentence of up to two years in jail.

Mikita Yemelyanau. Photo: Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The prison officials drew up more than 60 reports on the political prisoner for violations of the detention regime. However, Mikita previously explained that he broke the rules in protest against the constant violations of his rights by the prison administration.

We also know that on 17 December Mikita Yemelyanau was not let out of the punishment cell even though his 30 days in jail for three consecutive penalties had expired. The young man was punished with three more days in the punishment cell for inter-cell communication.

Mikita Yemelyanau also went on a hunger strike to protest against the reduction of the food amount he was given. As a result, the portions were increased, although they still do not meet the approved standards. For example, the amount of potatoes and eggs is much lower than the norm. A prisoner should receive four chicken eggs a week, but the prison administration gives him only one or two.

Mikita asked for an appointment with the head of the prison’s medical unit. He wanted to get a medical parcel of up to 50 kg from his relatives, where, among other things, they could send food. The political prisoner said he needed the parcel because during his long stay in the punishment cell, as well as after the hunger strike, his health deteriorated and he needed to eat well, which was impossible with the prison food. But this was the second time Yemelyanau was refused such a parcel.

Mikita Yemelyanau. Photo: Radio Liberty

Mikita Yemelyanau, the 21-year-old activist of the anarchist movement, was sentenced on February 12, 2020, by a Minsk court to 7 years of imprisonment in a reinforced regime colony. On March 27, the Minsk City Court on appeal reduced his sentence to 4 years in a strict regime colony. But on June 9, 2020, the young man was transferred to a strict regime prison in Mahiliou. The Belarusian human rights community has recognized Mikita Yemelyanau as a political prisoner.

Source: http://www.belsat.eu/

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