From Dan Baker In Solidarity With Toby Shone

Anarchist and antifascist prisoner Dan Baker has issued the following statement in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Toby Shone, who was facing a control order that has just been rejected by a judge. Originally posted to the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.

I express my solidarity and support for Toby Shone, who is being held by the same company, G4S, which captures and holds children in cages. The psychologist here at FCI Memphis asked me why I fast on new and full moons and I told her that I fast to train my body for hunger strikes because this is the only way to express bodily autonomy in a totalitarian, dystopian police state. Today is the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands, Irish political prisoner who was on hunger strike. Up the Friends!

I am now receiving mail but friends like Toby Shone and Eric King are unable to communicate freely with the outside world, and kept in isolation with meaningless labels of elevated fear. Like Toby, I also faced a decade in prison, and was told I should be grateful for only receiving 44 months of captivity. But Abdullah Ocalan says, “There is nothing more contemptible than a slave who is grateful for their enslavement.”

After finishing my sentence I will be on probation and observation for three years, which, as Toby said, could see us return to prison on the whims of unscrupulous cops who don’t follow their own laws. As Toby said, international solidarity cooperation and mobilization is fundamental to successful progress. Before we can dismantle and abolish human captivity, we have to examine our hearts and minds and uproot the chains of slavery that capitalism has conditioned us to perpetuate through widespread advertising and dependency. I would like everyone to remember Willem Von Spronson, who took a stand against G4S and their abusive enslavement of children, in the U.$., Palestine and the U.K. The Martyrs never die!

The human spirit that loves truth, freedom and beauty will never submit to systems of hierarchy and domination. I admire Toby’s statement that will not step back one millimeter!

Solidarity forever,

Dan aka Alishare

Daniel Baker, 25765-509
P.O, BOX 34550
MEMPHIS, TN  38184

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