Support Russian anti-war prisoners

These prisoners have been jailed due to anti-war protests or opinions. They have a wide variety of positions, but all of them are against the Russian attack against Ukraine. There are more prisoners than whom we know the addresses. This list was compiled by Ivan Astashin. 

Please translate your letters to Russian for example with Google translate, as currently letters in other languages except Russian are very seldom accepted in Russian prisons. 

There are currently more prisoners in the prisoner list of the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow than we are able to actively support, as well as not being able to establish or maintain contact with supporters of all of these prisoners. In case you want to support a particular prisoner via us, please write to us first in order to ask if we are in contact with the supporters of this prisoner. 

Anastasiya Levashova

Anastasiya Levashova is a student who on the first day of the war, 24th February, joined the anti-war protest and threw a Molotov cocktail against the police. She was sentenced to two years in prison with charges of using violence against state representatives. She has not yet been transferred to a prison colony. 


Anastasiya Mihaylovna Levashova
Sizo-6, ul. Shosseynaya 92, 109383 Moscow Russia

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