IWOC: Week of Action & Solidarity

This year, members of the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee will join with prisoners and their families to call for an end to their incarceration.

IWOC will reach out to members incarcerated in Ireland and extend it solidarity with them directly. This year we will draw attention to the case of our member John Paul Wootton who is an anarchist, a wobblie and of course a miscarriage of justice victim who, along with Brendan McConville, forms part of the Craigavon Two.

Members will be taking part in making banners to help highlight prisoners by way of banner drop and also gathering for a protest actions in solidarity with them. If members or those interested can also do similar actions themselves an gather with like-minded people. Choose a noted or central location nearest you, bring your flags and banners and encourage others to join in.

You can find updated info on Anarchist Prisoners week of action 23rd – 30th August.

To get in touch with organising group of International week of solidarity you can write us to tillallarefree@riseup.net.

Take in account that we are not responsible for organising individual events in your place. We encourage you to create events wherever you live and send statement photographs of solidarity with us.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @solidarity_week & @IwocIreland

Send protest or banner drop images to tillallarefree@riseup.net and ABC Derry at derryanarchists@gmail.com for International publication on social media etc.

Derry ABC: https://t.co/DvwQG0aCg0

IWOC Ireland: iwoc.ireland@iww.org.uk

IWOC Ireland on Facebook


Protests or Pickets suggested in Ireland for this coming Saturday & Sunday at agreed/suitable locations. Banners posters or placards, banner drops highlighting solidarity actions.

Prepare now and make a banner in solidarity with anarchist prisoners. Arrange with local anarchists locally and supporters for solidarity photographs of actions.

We are asking you to help highlight the case of Irish Anarchist Prisoner John Paul Wootton and his friend Brendan McConville at this time of the Craigavon Two who continue to fight their miscarriage of justice #jftc2

You can also send a direct letter of solidarity to John Paul Wootton at:

John Paul Wootton H5573, Magilligan Prison, Point Road, Limavady, County Derry, BT49 0LR, North Ireland.

Brendan McConville Maghaberry Prison, Old Road Ballinderry Upper LISBURN BT28 2PT, North Ireland.

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